Our team at PRO comprises of passionate and creative individuals, who preach the importance of knowing the origin of the food you consume.

A message from our founder, Aamir Manasawala

Having been in the food industry since 2016, I simply could not bring myself to consume most of the "health supplements" you find on shelves when I personally began my fitness journey.

Most of the products that I came across contained a ridiculous amount of preservatives, artificial flavouring, colours, emulsifiers, artificial sweeteners; you name it. There was clearly a problem here and one that I was not going to let slide. Thus, PRO was born. 

We take utmost pride in what we do and the products we produce. Our focus was, is and always will be value for our customers, because at the end of the day, it is the people whose lives we change and impact that matter.

A. Manasawala ' Founder & CEO